Do you wish you could communicate with your employees in a way that would engage them?

Human capital costs are almost 70% of an average company’s operating expense

Imagine a consistent, intuitive, experience that provides users with the information they need, when they want it!

  • Do you have the tools you need to cultivate your greatest asset – your people?
  • Would you like to access benefit information easily and quickly in a mobile solution?
  • Are your HR administrators swamped with too many manual tasks?
  • Are your dashboard or reports driving insight?

With everyday HR’s Human Capital Management solution you’ll be able to:

  • Improve employee retention rates
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Enhance communication
  • Automate manual tasks
  • Foster a great company culture

To empower your employees, we offer:

  • A mobile app
  • An employee self serve portal
  • A secure administration portal to handle
    workforce management

You’re one click away from Everyday HR. This all-in-one online HR solution provides employers with a platform to support daily benefits and payroll administration tasks along with the ability to track and gather useful and purposeful data.


With our cloud-based platform you’ll be able to eliminate manual processes and reduce paperwork by administrating pretty much anything:

Benefits Administration

  • Employee enrollment capabilities including decision
    support tools (Self-Service)
  • Employee and dependent transactions
  • Health, Dental, Life Insurance & Disability Administration
  • Employee deductions and payroll reporting
  • Carrier and Premium Reporting


  • Use our payroll service or integrate with your
    payroll provider of choice
  • Employee deductions and payroll reporting
  • Tax Calculations (T4’s are included)
  • Access to paystubs 24/7


  • Send offer letters, benefits and other related forms, in a simple
    automated process
  • Provide a seamless experience by having all required documentation
    to your employee before their first day

Time & Attendance Administration

  • Employee Time Entry
  • Time Code creation and administration
  • Productivity and utilization management and administration
  • Integration with third party providers
  • Time-Off requests and manager approvals

Total Rewards

  • Help your employees see how important they are to the
    organization with a total compensation statement.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Lite

  • Customized portal to create job requisitions and
    manage the interview process
  • Applicants can apply on the portal by simply providing
    relevant data (i.e. education level, years of experience,
    uploaded resumes, etc.)
  • Send push notifications or automated emails to candidates
    with details about actions or upcoming events (Interview
    time and location, required supporting documents)
  • Applicant can track the status of interview schedules,
    progression of their application, and next steps – all through
    the mobile app

Workforce and Performance Management

  • Help administrators automate day to day tasks
  • Certification Tracker
  • Document and Report Builder
  • Dashboard
  • Set and manage goals, perform assessments,
    and conduct feedback surveys


  • Ensure accuracy and compliance with sophisticated
    “point-and-click” and “drag-and-drop” configuration
    capabilities – you will be amazed how quickly any report
    can be created

Training Administration

  • Course management
  • Training and attendance administration
  • Feedback survey capabilities
  • Manager and Trainer reports
  • Push notifications to employees

We take care of those who make your company successful so that you can focus on business as usual.

Talk with us today about Everyday HR and other solutions that NFP offers.


How long does implementation take?

Implementation time varies. However, it is usually 10-12 weeks (it depends on how many services you elect to use). Your implementation team will provide you with a detailed time line.

What about my employees that don’t have a smart phone?

Your solution also has a desktop computer version called an employee portal. We suggest a desktop computer or “terminal” be made available for employees to access at work.

How will your payroll system connect to my accounting software?

Our system has the capability to connect to 3rd party systems, such as accounting software, via an API or File Feed with import functionality. The connection type will depend on the 3rd party system.

If we are to transition mid-year, how does the process work for generating information at the end of the year such as T4’s?

If a client transitions mid-year, we will take the taxable benefit year-to-date amount from their benefits provider and continue to add onto that YTD amount. All YTD information will be up to date no matter what time of the year you start implementation.

Does the system ever go down? How will I pay my employees if it does?

We host our solution with Amazon Web services. Amazon has a 99.9 % durability and 99.9% availability of objects, with multiple redundancies, all to ensure your solution never goes down (view amazon web services for additional detail).

Do I have to pay for updates to the system?

No. Our solution is updated regularly, and you receive all updates at no additional charge.

Can some administrators have restricted access to the information they can view?

Our administration portal is built to be role specific. Each administrator can have different access to information in the solution.

What if I have a problem with my solution, who do I call?

We provide a 1-800 service line that is accessible Monday to Friday 9-5 EST. We also have a help desk email. Both can resolve all your technical needs.

What if I want to customize part of the solution?

Our implementation team can help adjust or personalize the solution for your business. You will have the opportunity to test the system and make further adjustments before you go live with your solution.

How do I get my employee information into the system?

We can automatically upload information into the system if you provide a digital copy of your data. We also can manually enter employee data with our professional services team (charges may apply). Our implementation team will walk you through this process.

How do ex-employees access information they still need to retrieve such as T4s and pay stubs?

Previous employees can have limited access to the solution via the app. You can restrict access – so they only view information you want them to be able to retrieve.

Can I have multiple bank accounts for my payroll?

Yes, you can have as many bank accounts as your organization currently uses to run payroll.

What is the limit to how many employee’s information we can store?

Your solution comes with no limit for storage. As a result, you have unlimited room for growth. Not only can you store as much employee information as you need, but you can store as many documents as necessary in our document storage library.

What if I have employees in the US or other countries as well as Canada?

Your solution can unify the HR functions of all your employees across the globe (except U.S. payroll).